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Metropolitan Epifaniy congratulated Head of the UGCC on his 50th birthday anniversary expressing hope for development of mutual relations between OCU and UGCC

Metropolitan Epifaniy of Kyiv Orthodox Church and All Ukraine congratulated Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church His Beatitude Sviatoslav on his 50th birthday anniversary.

“With a sense of brotherly love and joy in the Resurrected Christ I am expressing my cordial greetings on behalf of Your 50th birthday anniversary! An age You reached today carries a significant meaning, as it is filled with academic and work accomplishments, spiritual and life experience, and above all, – keeps strength integrity and a living energy”, wrote Head of the OCU in his greeting.

“I sincerely wish You to move on with further fruitful ministering for God’s glory and welfare of people, succeed in good intentions, have excellent health, strength and inspiration. I hope that development of good relations between Orthodox Ukrainians and Greek Catholics, what You contribute to immensely, will serve well the Church of Christ and all Ukrainian people”, wished Metropolitan Epifaniy.

The UGCC Department for Information