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A Christian talks to God in his prayer as to a family member, – His Beatitude Sviatoslav about a prayer

In the first catechesis of a video project “His Beatitude Sviatoslav: #clearly_about_complicated” Head of the Church was speaking about what our Christian prayer starts with. Precisely, about God’s initiative and a person’s response to it. Apart from that, His Beatitude gave some practical advice those who learn how to pray.

Amongst the most important things Head of the UGCC drew attention to the need of realizing of a prayer man that their prayers is a response to a God’s call and his invitation: “In my prayer I cannot pray to myself, to my own need. Instead, start a conversation, a dialogue with my Lord, which He invites me to, inspires to, even provokes by placing me in different life circumstances. God is talking to me and I need to respond back”.

God himself helps a prayer man to take up an initiative: “The Holy Spirit, similarly to a river, is trickling, trying to burst, lead me out of my loneliness and into a dialogue with God”.

In the first catechesis about commencement of a prayer, Head of the Church voiced a necessity to firstly listen and answer afterwards. And to those who are learning to pray, he suggested to read a short line from the Gospel at the beginning of a prayer. Patriarch assumes that we should firstly “listen to God, who is talking to us through the Word of God and then ask: “what me have to answer?”

God, to whom we reply in our prayer, is not an outer forceful tyrant or some power we have to be afraid of. God is our father, so “we as Christians remaining in the Holy Spirit speak to God in our prayers as to a family member”. Eventually, it happens owing the Holy Spirit. “It is infused into our hearts and pushes us to a conversation with our Heavenly Father as with our own father”, confirmed Head and Father of the UGCC at the end of the first catechesis.

We remind that the first issue of a new video project of Zhyve.TV “His Beatitude Sviatoslav: #clearly_about_complicated” was broadcasted on Saturday, May 16, in which His Beatitude Sviatoslav was speaking about commencement of a Christian prayer. We welcome you to watch next episodes of our program every Saturday at 9 pm. Livestream video is available on Zhyve.TV channel on YouTube or Facebook page of Zhyve.TV.The

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