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We need a true fellowship with God and our neighbors, Metropolitan Borys Gudziak on three main highlights of the From Heart to Heart celebrations

The greatest illness of our time is acute loneliness. People are alienated from one another: they do not have anyone to share a piece of bread with… We create distances between generations and want a virtual relationship. And we should build our unity through communication from heart to heart.

The Metropolitan of Philadelphia, Borys Gudziak, said this in a commentary on “Living TB”, stating three main points of the “From Heart to Heart” celebrations. Vladyka explained that these accents are genuine dialogue, unity and youth.

“Often in the Church, we are in hierarchical roles, with a perfect language, with words that often become moralistic. People depart from it. It does not give them life. And all people have God in heart and soul, it’s like spiritual DNA,” Bishop Borys is convinced. “God came into the world to be with man. Let’s be together! Unity is a great problem of Christianity.”

He added that there is a problem of “gaps” between generations. Therefore, it is worth taking care of unity and cherishing it through relationships and meetings.

“Youth is not our future but present! Now time is coming too soon. Only in the last half century, people have changed more than in the previous five thousand years, in particular in their mentality, lifestyle. Therefore, it is very important – to hear the youths, to be with them, to take advantage of their intuition,” said Metropolitan Philadelphia Boris Gudziak.

As we reported, on 2-9 June this year, the Philadelphia Archeparchy celebrates with the slogan “From Heart to Heart” on the occasion of the enthronement of the seventh Metropolitan of the Philadelphia Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Borys Gudziak. The program takes place with the participation of the Father and Head of the UGCC His Beatitude Svyatoslav and many bishops of the UGCC, numerous clergy, monks and laity.

Photo by Stefan Fartushok

Department of Information of the UGCC