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The Head of the UGCC in the Three Saints Seminary: To be a Christian means to bear God in ourselves

Christianity is not a kind of doctrine. Even this is not a religious belief or feeling. This is something much deeper. Being a Christian means bearing God in yourself. This was stated by the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, His Beatitude Sviatoslav in the Three Saints Theological Seminary in Kniazhychi, which today celebrates the temple feast.

During the sermon to the faithful, His Beatitude Sviatoslav said that today, on the second day of the Feast of Pentecost, the Church of Christ celebrates the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. Today, he said, the spiritual eyes of the Church are addressed to the Person of the Holy Spirit. Today we are glorifying Him as one of the Holy Trinity, as our God, Who is the source of life.  

“Pentecost is this moment when our Savior comes with his Father and the Holy Spirit to set up His home in each of us. And in this way He seems to reveal the depth of the plan, for which God created man – in order to live, live in him. Man is created to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. This temple of the Holy Trinity is only an icon of what is actually happening in the living temple, which is every believer,” added the Primate.

The entire Church Christian tradition, believes His Beatitude Sviatoslav, is nothing but life in the Spirit and walking with the Holy Spirit.

But what is the meaning of the Christian tradition, the transference of tradition? “These are not just customs, rituals. The essence of our tradition is the transmission of the Spirit we bear in ourselves,” emphasized the preacher.

Today, the seminary also celebrates the day when the first-year students were clad in a spiritual setting. They wore white clothes, and now – dark. Also, today the school year culminates in a regular graduation of seminarians.

The Head of the UGCC wished the freshmen not to be afraid, when the Master of this temple would say: “Come on, I will change your heart, your inner world.” “Commit to Him and see how deep His plan is regarding you, which exceeds your perceptions of yourself, your personal dreams about your future,” he said to the freshmen.

“And you, graduates, be spiritual, because today there are so many deserts around us waiting for the living water of the Holy Spirit. Give all the life that you were filled with here,” called the Head of the Church.

The UGCC Department for Information