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We are sometimes very fond of idealizing certain politicians and political forces, and then we become disillusioned, Head of the UGCC

There is a dramatic feature for our society: we are sometimes very fond of idealizing certain politicians and political forces, and then become disappointed.

This was emphasized by His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Head of the UGCC, in an interview for the “Fakty” edition.

“I am often asked: “What should I do not to be disappointed?” I answer: “Do not be fascinated by anyone.” There are no easy answers to the complex questions of our life. Do not believe the one who tells you that he can quickly complete the war. That will not happen. Do not believe that someone will pull out some magic card from the sleeve and say: “We will stop the aggressor.” This is not true,” said His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

He is convinced that it is impossible to stop the aggressor, to appease him. “Unfortunately, this is what the players of world politics do not fully understand. You cannot come to terms with the aggressor. You can only stop him. For no one talks with a culprit, but grabs his hand to prevent him from committing a crime. We must understand that the fate of the country is in our hands. However, it is worth gaining patience and realizing that there are no easy solutions to complex issues,” notes the Head of the UGCC.

He explained that populism has been a serious illness of modern politics in Ukraine and abroad. After all, it is a corrosion, which now faces modern democracy. Therefore, one needs to be extremely careful not to be tempted by sweet promises and attractive forms, but above all interested in content.

“The danger lies in the fact that under the slogans to destroy the system, we risk to become second-class people in foreign countries. Churchill said: “Those who do not want to feed their army will feed a foreign army.” One can rephrase: “Whoever does not want to build his own state will be forced to build a foreign one,” stressed the Primate.

And later he added: “There are now political forces that promise nothing. We do not know them. They are half virtual. We see only a beautiful wrapper, and what under it – we do not understand. Recently, the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations has prepared a letter to our politicians. We want to hear the answers to key questions. Obviously, one of the questions concerns the attitude towards Ukrainian statehood.”

According to the spiritual leader of the Greek Catholics, there are now many people who are eager to come to power to destroy the Ukrainian statehood. However, this by no means should be allowed!

The UGCC Department for Information