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We in Kolomyia say to the Savior: Speak, O Lord, Ukraine is listening! – Head of the UGCC consecrated a unique bell tower with a carillon

“The restoration of the bell tower in Kolomyia is the restoration of our historical memory,” said His Beatitude Sviatoslav in his sermon in Kolomyia on Saturday, August 3, 2019.

On that day, the consecration of a unique bell-tower with a carillon, which was built near the Church of St. Josaphat, took place.

The numerous faithful, representatives of state authorities of different levels, monks, and clergy attended the event.

“Together with this bell tower, today we have consecrated a set of bells. I do not know if there are many cities in Ukraine that can boast of having a church bell carillon on the central square … Church bell – a means by which the voice of God (which is often invisible) can be heard. That Word of God that instructs the Church to proclaim our Savior in your city is receiving Its new instrument. For when the bell rings, eternity speaks to us. When the church bell rings, we hear the Word and the voice of God,” said the Primate.

And later he added, “How many voices are “knocking” into our ears. As perhaps, many different moments of human bustle and bustle Kolomyia is experiencing in its central square. Therefore, it is important to hear the voice of eternity in the fast-paced noise. ”

In his opinion, the word has extraordinary power. “This bell tower stands at the intersection of the streets in the central square of Kolomyia. It is a symbol of the open Church, as well as the appeal of God not only to those who are inside, but to all,” emphasized the spiritual leader of the Greek Catholics.

In his address to the audience, the Bishop also mentioned that this year the UGCC celebrates the 30th anniversary of coming out of the underground. He noted that the Church is facing many challenges. Many want the voice of the UGCC not to be heard. However, the Church has always been, is and will be the voice of truth, particularly for its people.

“Today in Kolomyia we say to the Savior: “Speak, O Lord! Ukraine is listening! “- called His Beatitude Sviatoslav, adding that it is necessary to follow the Holy Spirit, because He is a compass of life.

In addition, the Head of the UGCC visited the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Christ, where he served a memorial service for the late bishops of the Diocese of Kolomyia, Bishop Pavlo Vasylik and Bishop Mykola Simkailo.