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UGCC Head on situation around evacuation of Ukrainians from China: Coronavirus is not as dangerous as neighbor’s contempt virus

His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Father and Head of the UGCC, appealed to the Ukrainian public about the situation around people’s reaction to the evacuation of Ukrainians from Wuhan, covered by the coronavirus epidemic. “It is very painful for me to hear about the resistance of Ukrainian citizens to the return of our compatriots who are in the danger zone of the coronavirus in China. This reaction of people is not Christian at all,” said His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

“It can be understood that people are driven by fear of being infected, because the current safety measures offered by the Ukrainian medical system are unreliable. In order to overcome fear, we need a sense of humanness and the virtue of Christian love for one’s neighbor. The coronavirus is not as dangerous as the virus of hatred and contempt for people. If the coronavirus can be overcome by various medical means, then only the power of love can protect us from the virus of hate,” said the Head of the UGCC.

In his address, the Head of the UGCC called on the authorities to provide the Ukrainian public and those returning from China with all necessary security measures.

“I ask all people who call themselves Christians to refrain from all hatred and not to obstruct the return of sons and daughters of Ukraine to their homes,” called on the Head of the UGCC.

The UGCC Department for Information