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His Beatitude Sviatoslav: A person is called to be an icon of the Creator, a governor of the created world to enhance its balanced development

February 27, 2020 an All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference with an international participation “Raising spirituality in a personality in the context of attaining goals for a sustainable development of Ukraine” was held in Kyiv.

Participants of the conference received a greeting letter written by His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Head and Father of the UGCC.

“You put a noble aim before you”, he mentioned – to discuss achievements of sustainable development regarding Ukrainian society. An analysis you wish to conduct, you link to important questions of spirituality and ecological directions in education and upbringing. An event you called is also important concerning the process of reforms, which are being conducted in different spheres of life and function of our country, particularly in the world. Precisely, values of good, beauty and truth will manage to encourage the flow of reforms into a constitutive and fruitful direction. I hope that your scientific work will facilitate it”.

Head of the UGCC also mentioned: “The Lord created a man as the crown of His creation. In His creation he is called to be an icon of the Creator, the governor of the created world so to ensure its balanced development. Besides existence of people and the number of people on the planet, a way of life and predatory look of a modern civilization make a man a cause and, simultaneously, a victim of current ecological crisis, which is taking on globally”.

Head of the UGCC wished participants of the conference rich collaboration and sharing ideas with appropriate attitudes and practices. “May your propositions and resolutions become an accurate guide for ensuring rights and liberties based on democracy for a worthy life of every Ukrainian citizen as children of God”, wrote His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

The participants of the conference are representatives of educational institutes and scientific edifices, authorities, religious and public organizations, mass media.

Organizers: Ministry of energy and environment protection of Ukraine, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management.The UGCC Department foe Information