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Head of the UGCC: Master, turn the hand of our doctors into Your healing hand

“Jesus, in this period of fear, confusion and uncertainty, as well as our little faith, come and heal us, take us by the hand. Turn the hand of our doctors into Your healing right hand, which saves us from weakness, from sin and death. Master, we believe, but help our unbelief,” said the Head of the UGCC, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, during the Liturgy at the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, broadcasted live by Zhyve TV.

In today’s Gospel, we meet Christ, who is rushing to meet a weak man.  We see that Christ makes it clear that when a person does not believe enough, he takes away from God the opportunity to act in his life.  The miracle of healing is best explained to us by the apostle Paul, saying, “The power of God is manifested in my powerlessness,” the preacher remarked.

 Thus, we see that human capacities are limited in various aspects of her being.  We realize that man is not almighty.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav emphasized that today Christ encourages everyone to reconsider what our faith is.  “It is so important for us to say today, ‘I believe in God, but help my unbelief.  Help not to rely solely on religious habits or my own power, even when I ask you for something.  May Your spirit be manifested in my prayer.  Let Your strength be manifested in my weakness.  I believe, Lord!  Help my unbelief,” he said.

He also called on everyone, following the example of the father from the Gospel, to invite Christ to our homes so that “He would come today and help us, Christians of the new age, to grow in faith so that He may heal our unbelief.”

 “At a time when the art of medicine feels powerless in the face of a new virus, we ask that God’s power be manifested in our infirmities.  However, let us continue the path of prayer and fasting, which is a way of changing the spirit, for it is the true way of healing,” asked the spiritual leader of Ukrainians.

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