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Christ Church has always worked against a pandemic called “sin”, – bishop Yosyf Milyan

“Christ’s Church has always worked against a pandemic called “sin”. Everything negative what is happening in this world is caused by a sin anyway. Inappropriate usage of resources, land, approach to science… Examples are numerous”. Said bishop Yosyf Milyan, bishop auxiliary of Kyiv Archeparchy during an online meeting on April 9, 2020 held by Kyiv regional state administration, headed by Vasyl Volodin, a temporary chief executive of the whole institution.

Heads of regional state administrations and representatives of joint territorial communities, as well as clergy of different confessions and religious organizations took part in it.

Bishop Yosyf stated that, supposing, people studied carefully, were truly responsible, there had been no pandemic now, perhaps. “Thus, a pandemic must make us work, think about ourselves, about the progress people fight for at all costs and realize what this fight leads us to”, mentioned the archbishop.

Press service of Kyiv Archeparchy