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Head of the UGCC to the youth of Ukraine and world: take in your hands, like green branches, Christian values, and greet Christ with them

His Beatitude Sviatoslav stressed that after the great epidemics in the past, people began to look at each other in a new way and to rethink life values. “We see today that we are facing such a ‘new time’. We can confidently say that global humanity will be different. However, it will only depend on us.”

The Head of the Church is convinced that the “new world” should be made better by the youth.

“You are those green branches that the world human community produces today.  The humanity rejoices in you and welcomes our Savior,” said the Head of the UGCC.

 “Today, I ask the youth of Ukraine and the world: take in your hands, as green branches, basic Christian values, greet Christ with them and bring them into a new culture,” he asked.

 “Let those green branches be respect of man, of life, of dignity and health.  Let those green branches be true values ​​like a sense of common good, responsibility for another, responsibility for our environment,” wished the Head of the Church.

 “In Your hands, our Savior, we are giving our lives and our future.  We believe that You will help us to make it new and better,” summed up the spiritual leader of the Ukrainians.

The UGCC Department for Information