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His Beatitude Sviatoslav congratulated the Ukrainians on Easter

“On this bright day of the Feast of Christ’s Resurrection – Easter of the Lord – let me heartily congratulate all of you, wherever you are – in Ukraine or abroad, in a family circle, or perhaps far from your home. We celebrate this holiday together, because Christ is risen!” addressed His Beatitude Sviatoslav all the believers.

“On this day there are absolutely new circumstances for the life of the universe, because Jesus Christ triumphantly emerges from a sealed tomb. He rises as the sun of truth, which is the source of life and resurrection, the source of our hope. It is the light of our life, because it illuminates our life path,”  added the Head of the Church.

The Primate assured that the Lord gives strength and hope to each and every one of us to overcome difficulties. “If Christ is resurrected, everything around us gets a new meaning. After all, if there is a way out of a sealed coffin, which was guarded by a troop and closed with a heavy stone, then we have hope, too. The Son of God today invites each of us at the time of the resurrection to meet also ourselves: our personal life situation, and to rethink the difficulties, problems, and sorrows that surround us. For it is in the grave of the risen Christ that tears change for joy, sadness – for hope. May this holiday be a holy change for each of us, for every human heart, as well as a holiday of hope for our long-suffering Ukrainian people,” underlined the spiritual leader of the Greek Catholics.

“I wish you all merry Easter holidays, tasty Easter eggs, and joyful hajivky. Let’s rejoice in the Resurrection of Christ, because it is our life and resurrection, too. Christ is risen! – Truly, He is risen!” greeted  all believers His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

Department of Information of the UGCC