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His Beatitude Sviatoslav: When we see politicians as lesser or greater evil, we feel that we have no choice

It is never necessary to choose evil, even lesser evil, and above all, it is important to be able to notice and appreciate the good.

The Head and Father of the UGCC stressed this in the program of the Open Church on Monday, January 20, 2020. The interlocutor of the UGCC Head was a journalist and TV presenter Vitaliy Haidukevych.

“When it comes to choosing between lesser and greater evil, in spiritual terms we say that one can never choose evil. Usually a person, when making a choice, still wants to find at least some good,” said His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

“Is it possible to choose between a thief and a murderer? Both are evil,”  ponders the spiritual leader of Greek Catholics.

The Head of the UGCC explained: “For example, when we go to vote and see that the candidates proposed are greater or lesser evil, we feel that we have no choice.”

His Beatitude Sviatoslav stressed that a free society or a free person in such a society should see no lesser or greater evil, but the true good, and strive for it. “If we evaluate politicians in this way, we will look differently at those who are around. Moreover, at times I get the impression that we do not see the good, but tend to see the evil only … For the last six years there have been many good changes in the country, but we do not see them sometimes,” he said.

The Head of the UGCC also mentioned the spiritual exercise that his spiritual father once gave to him: to record / remember daily not only the bad, but also the good deeds done during the day. In this way we can truly understand what kind of people we are.

The UGCC Department for Information