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Head of the UGCC congratulated a bishop nominee Pavlo Honcharuk on being ordained a valid bishop of Kharkiv – Zaporizhia Diocese

Head and Father of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church His Beatitude Sviatoslav conveyed his personal congratulations and of bishops of the Synod of the UGCC to a bishop nominee Pavlo Honcharuk on being ordained a valid bishop of Kharkiv-Zaporizhia diocese of Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine.

“Today your believers after a somewhat long expectancy and prayers finally got their pastor”, a greeting says.

“Owing to a gift of episcopacy, what you will receive shortly, you get a greater opportunity to serve up to the talents God bestowed on you and which you have multiplied. Your pastoral service, work at Church “Caritas”, military chaplaincy is an evidence that you have seen human’s grief not more than once and through the ministering reveal a face of a merciful God to those who suffer”, a letter states.

The Major Archbishop reminds that in 2019 the UGCC honored a bishop nominee with one of the biggest awards of Church – the distinction of Omelian Kovch. “Here we testified how highly we appreciate your sacrifice, brought in the name of a man”, His Beatitude Sviatoslav wrote.

Head of the Church wished a bishop nominee to have a single day be filled with deeds for God’s glory. “He calls us to heal their wounds, caused by sins and cease pain caused by the war in all possible ways. We lift our prayers to God’s holy altar for you, dear bishop nominee, since you are being entrusted to care for the territories which neighbor upon JFO, where many people, injured by the war, live. These people need an extreme consideration and a prayerful support”, the letter says.

The UGCC Department for Information