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Job is an example of how to survive the coronavirus crisis, Fr. Dr. Roman Ostrovsky

Over the course of a few days, we will focus on Scripture. Biblical examples will help us analyze the situation we are experiencing today. In this way, we will try to find answers to examples from the lives of those who have already survived the crisis and today have something to tell us and what to share.

This was said by Fr. Roman Ostrovsky today, March 16, during a prayer service to Our Lady in the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ  for the grace of God in overcoming the coronavirus.

 The priest drew attention to the special period we are in – the time of Lent and world quarantine, noting that we have already felt how recent events have paralyzed our ordinary lives.

 “In these circumstances, we are rethinking what human life is.  However, Scripture shows very clearly that the crisis is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the fundamental issues of our lives,” said the preacher.

He shared two possible ways out of the crisis: despair and complete trust in God.

 Therefore, the priest invited everyone to travel with Job.  Since Job’s fundamental question is faith, the priest asked several questions to the faithful: Does my faith depend on circumstances, successes and wealth?  Will my attitude towards God change when He takes away all that is dear to me? Will I be able to answer like Job: “The Lord has given – the Lord has taken. May the name of the Lord be blessed ”?!

 “Job does not stop at only complaining to God about the troubles he has experienced, but he is seeking a meeting with God and finding it … God comes.  This is the origin of our Christian hope, which pushes us to faith and love,” said Fr. Roman.

 “This book will help us rethink the basic things of our lives and will help us find answers to difficult questions and get out of this panic situation,” summed up the preacher, encouraging listeners to read this Bible book these days.

We would like to recall that at the UGCC Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, prayer services for the sick are served daily from Monday to Friday at 12.00. On Saturday and Sunday we pray Divine Liturgies for overcoming the pandemic.  Zhyve TV provides live prayers to enable everyone to participate in the prayer.  You can watch it live on the YouTube Zhyve TV channel or the Zhyve TV page on Facebook.

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