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COVID-19: Help the Church serve the needy

The UGCC encourages prayer and acts of charity to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to overcome its effects. Many people ask: how can I help? One way is to make a voluntary donation that will help the Church serve anyone who needs it.

You can make a donation at this link:

Today, Ukrainians, and therefore the faithful of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, are called to unite in order to stop the spread of the dangerous COVID-19 disease through a concerted effort.  The first steps in this direction have already been made – the Ukrainians, while remaining in their own homes, continue to spiritually unite in prayer with the whole Church through modern means of communication.  Through prayer, the faithful ask the Lord God to calm the storm that rages around.

Many doctors go to the forefront to fight for the lives of people.  However, they, like hundreds of patients, need our support, they need specific steps.

Our Church, through the voice of her Father and Head His Beatitude Sviatoslav, declared her willingness to give the whole church space, including church premises, to the needs of doctors and those who sick.  We want to testify to our faith through the acts of compassionate love for our brothers and sisters.  Many of these actions have already been done, much remains to be done, as the number of infected and deceased is unfortunately increasing day by day.

Therefore, we sincerely ask everyone to join in a prayer to our Heavenly Father and to the acts of mercy for our brothers and sisters.  If you would like to personally join our common mission today, you can make a charitable donation to the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Charitable Fund of the UGCC.  Here’s a link for all the information you need and the ability to donate with one click:

The UGCC Department for Information