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Repentance is the key to a qualitatively new level of prayer, Head of the UGCC #clearly_about_complicated

In the third part of the program His Beatitude Sviatoslav: #clearly_about_complicated the Head of the UGCC reflected on the next stage of Christian prayer – repentance. The Head of the Church emphasized that it is at this stage of prayer that the Lord enters our spiritual world with His light and begins to illuminate it.

We call repentance a person’s approach to God. “Every time we try to free ourselves from our own difficulties and sins, when we take a step towards the Lord God, we repent,” the Primate explained.

St. Augustine compared the inner world of man with the underground labyrinths, which have many interesting inner passages. As the Head of the UGCC noted, we often do not even know and are not aware of those passages, labyrinths, and tunnels. However, it is our prayer of repentance that allows God to enter our inner world and enlighten it.

The Primate warned against a possible attempt by a prayer man to present himself to God as better than he really is. The bishop believes that there is no need to hide anything from the Lord. “Only then our prayer will be true and sincere. And the Lord God, seeing our sincerity, will open our heart to Him, will approach us, enlighten us, heal us, lift us up,” said the Head of the UGCC.

Repentance is the key to moving to a qualitatively new level of prayer. By asking God for forgiveness of all sins, a prayer man will better understand how to pray further.

Concluding the third lesson about prayer, His Beatitude Sviatoslav emphasized that by standing before God in all the truth about ourselves, we will be able to know the fullness of the truth about our God, who is our Father. “May the Lord God visit each of you, and the prayer of repentance will make us better, healthier, and capable of growing in our spiritual life!” – The Head of the UGCC wished in conclusion.

We remind you that on May 16, 2020, the UGCC launched a new video project His Beatitude Sviatoslav: #clearly_about_complicated

In it, the Head of the UGCC explains important Christian truths. The first parts of the project are dedicated to prayer. You can watch new programs of the project every Saturday at 21:00 on Zhyve.TV channel on YouTube or Zhyve.TV page on Facebook.

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