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Few thousands of believers in the Garrison Church participated in the Liturgy firstly performed by bishop Stepan Sus

Today, January 26, 2020 in St. Peter and Paul Garrison Church bishop Stepan Sus in co-service with priests of the church celebrated a Divine Liturgy in a status of a bishop. Previously, a bishop of Curia of Kyiv-Halych Supreme Archbishop with the Titular See of Zygris was a parish priest of the church.

In his homily the bishop confessed to believers that bishop’s ministering is not easy, especially the first two weeks: you need to learn a lot. Nevertheless, his main target is to lead people to a happy union with God.

Bishop Stepan also mentioned that we were celebrating Sunday of the Word of God for the first time: “To be a Christian is really interesting. This is a vocation, a task to testify good deeds and witness the love of God. We should not just receive the Word of God, we need to live through it too. For those who are going through some hardships in life it is hugely important to hear the Word of God. Let us ask ourselves: how can I proclaim the Word of God by living my life?”

For all those who have numerously arrived to the church, bishop Stepan thanked for being active Christians, particularly in a parish life. He encouraged to call new people, who, perhaps, haven’t yet discovered the beauty of a spiritual life within themselves.

After the Service a word was taken by Fr. Taras Mykhailchuk, a priest of the Garrison Church, who emphasized that there are twenty one priests and three deacons in the church. On behalf of the church’s community, the priest handed bishop Stepan a cross and a big antique crucifix. Fr. Taras said that a crucifix constantly accompanies a bishop in his life: in the office, day in – day out. That is why they decided to make this memorable gift.

Also note that a prayer was joined by Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovyi and his wife Kateryna. Bishop Stepan also thanked the local government for a constant cooperation and an opportunity to start a renovation of a front façade of the church.