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Head of the UGCC on Mother’s Day: Mother is a word that inspires in everyone optimism and hope

His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, greeted Ukrainian mothers on Mother’s Day, which is traditionally celebrated in Ukraine on the second Sunday in May.

“Mom is a special person for each of us.  First of all, the mystery of motherhood is connected with the beginning of human life.  Mother, her person, her body is the first earthly paradise for every person.  It is the mother who is constantly watching over life, giving her child everything she has.  The mother, if she could, would give herself for her child.  She is the first to feel what her child needs.  The mother prays for the child and cares for her. Mom is a word that inspires optimism and hope in everyone.  If we have a mother, it means that we have help and support,” said His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

On Mother’s Day, the Head of the UGCC cordially greeted all mothers.  In particular, those who in their motherhood feel and accept the gift that must be fulfilled in love.  “I want to thank all the women who were not afraid to accept the gift of motherhood from God and take care of it.  Mothers live in it, rejoice and grow,” he said.

“On behalf of your children, I want to say to every mother:  thank you for what I am, for the fact that I was born and live,” the Head of the Church emphasized.

 “May the Lord send all the graces of the Holy Spirit to all our mothers on this day, through the prayer of the whole Church, which is also our mother,” His Beatitude Sviatoslav wished.

 He noted that the month of May is officially dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who is the Mother of God.  Her motherhood is connected with the gift of her life to the Son of God.  “May she be an example and intercessor for you, a prayer, a cover and a comforter.  Grace to you from the Holy Spirit and joy from your children,” the Primate of the UGCC wished to the mothers.

The UGCC Department for Information